AKIA, first European bus manufacturer, to offer Allison

AKIA, first European bus
manufacturer, to offer
Allison xFE transmission


AKIA is the irst bus manufacturer
in Europe to feature an Allison
xFE transmission. Designed for
best-in-class fuel economy, Allison’s
xFE models deliver signiicantly
increased torque converter
lock-up operation, extracting
more value from every tank of
fuel. Both Allison and AKIA participated
in Busworld Turkey at
the Istanbul Expo Center.Allison’s T 3375 xFE fully automatic transmission was offered
in the AKIA Ultra LF model, a 12-metre citybus powered
by a Mercedes Euro 6 engine that delivers 1200 N•m and 220
kW (300 hp). The new xFE models demonstrated up to seven
per cent fuel economy improvements in bus applications, in addition
to FuelSense gains.
Designed to deliver signiicantly more lock up operation
while operating at lower engine speeds in higher ranges, the xFE
bus transmissions have the same space claim and ratings as current
Torqmatic® models, but incorporate optimised gear ratios
coupled with the FuelSense® Max package. Allison now offers
three new xFE models outside North America – the T 3280
xFE™, T 3325 xFE™ and T 3375 xFE™ transmissions.
Visitors to Busworld could see the T 3375 xFE display unit
at the Allison stand and the 12-metre Euro 6 Ultra LF bus at
AKIA’s stand.
Allison also presented newly-introduced T 1000™, T 2100™
and T 2200™ fully automatic transmission models to the Turkish
market. These new models expand the Torqmatic product
family providing customers with the most complete range of bus
transmissions. Allison displayed the T 2100 transmission at
its stand. These transmissions feature 5th Generation Electronic
Controls and FuelSense fuel-eficiency software.
The Allison T 525R model transmission provides the
highest level of torque (up to 410 kW and 2550 N•m) and
was recently introduced in the Van Hool TX coach. This
transmission will be featured in the irst BRT to be manufactured
in Turkey. The new 25-meter-long, low-loor
AKIA metro-bus is equipped with a Euro 6 Mercedes
engine and the Allison T 525 transmission model with a
retarder. Able to transport up to 290 passengers, the new
BRT was also launched into this sector at Busworld Turkey.
In addition to AKIA, a number of leading Turkish
OEMs such as Otokar, Temsa, Karsan and Isuzu showcased
Euro 6 buses equipped with Allison fully automatic
Allison T 2100 fully automatic transmission transmissions.


Original News: motorindia.com